When printing your timeline, only the focused view can be printed. This means that if you are working in Split View, then the only view that will be printed is the one that is active when you click ‘Print’. To print your timeline, perform the following steps: 

Adjust your focused view until it looks the way you want it to look when printing. This will include the following actions:

  • Zooming to the desired level
  • Filtering to show the desired information 
  • Filtering to reduce the number of visible events                                                                
  1. To print, go to ‘File’ in the menu, then ‘Print’. 
  2. After clicking ‘Print’, the print options dialog will be displayed: 

This dialog box will include the following:

  • A preview image of what you are printing. 
  • Paper size: Choose the paper size you will be printing on.
  • Paper orientation: Choose to print in  portrait or landscape mode. 
  • Scale: Choose how to scale the contents for printing (smaller scales will allow you to fit more on the page).
  • Selected items only: Choose to only print items that you have selected

The preview will update with each change that you make.

Once you are happy, click ‘Print’. 

You’ll then be shown the native print dialog for Mac or Windows, where you can select your preferred printer, page ranges etc. before printing. 

If you are printing a larger file and are unsure of your preferred settings, it is recommended to print a single test page to ensure you are happy with the text size etc. before printing the entire contents.