How to mark an item that is still in progress

We call events that are in progress (i.e. that have not yet ended) as "Ongoing" events. This can be used for  to mark someone's lifespan (for a person who has not yet died) or for historical events that are still in progress, such as Queen Elizabeth II's reign.

Marking Ongoing Events

You can mark an event as Ongoing by following these steps:

  1. Click on the event and open the inspector to the Dates tab ()
  2. Tick the "Ongoing" checkbox alongside the Dates label:

Ongoing item will not have an end date or a fixed duration, but their current duration (from start date to present) will be calculated and shown in the Duration field in the Inspector.

On the timeline, the item will be drawn to the current day, but with a faded triangle end point to signify that the item is ongoing beyond the date it is displayed:

Changing the Date used for "Now"

By default, the current date will be used as the end point for ongoing event calculations, and for drawing those events on the timeline, and will continue to update each time you open and view the file.

For those wishing to choose a different fixed date for these calculations, this can be adjusted in the Dates tab of Timeline Settings.

This is mostly useful for fiction writers who may be setting their story at a different time than the exact "present day".