How to view the lifespan of people in your timeline

To view the lifespan of people in your timeline, you must open the Inspector. This is assuming you have created a birth date and end date, or ticked 'Ongoing' if this person is still alive. 

First, click on the Person tab in the sidebar. A list of people in your timeline will then appear, so you just need to choose which person you would like to view the life span of. Once you've clicked on the appropriate person, open the Inspector and go to the dates tab ( ).

Here, you will be able to view the 'Duration' of this person's life. 

If the person's life has an end date, this 'Duration' will be calculated from the time between the 'Start Date' and 'End Date' of this person's life. If this person is still alive, and 'Ongoing' is ticked, the 'Duration' will be based on the time between 'Start Date' and the 'Present' date. 

The image below represents what the duration will look like if the date is marked as 'Ongoing'.