How to locate a missing item

There are many reasons why your item may have appeared to disappear in your timeline. In this article we will explore a number of different options to find an item that has gone missing. 

Excluded by a Filter 

One reason why you may not be able to see an item in your timeline is if it's excluded by a filter. If you've chosen to filter your timeline based on a specific item type, only items matching this type will be visible. So if the item you are looking for is of a different, type, you will need to remove the filter before you can find it. 

To remove the filter, go to the filter panel in the toolbar. Here you will see a button that says 'Clear'. Once you click this, the filter will be cleared, and you should then be able to locate your item. 

Items Without Dates 

If you add an item but don't give this item a date, then you will be unable to view this item in timeline view. This may happen if you've implemented all your information in Spreadsheet View but not yet given any items dates. Once you allocate specific dates to an item, it should then become visible in Timeline View. 

If you do not wish to allocate dates to an item, you will still be able to see this item in other view types, like Spreadsheet View. 

Type Is Turned Off

When using Timeline View, you are able to turn the display of certain item types on or off. If you are unable to locate an item, it may be that this item's 'type' is turned off. To change the 'types' that are visible:

  1. Go to the footer, and click the  icon.
  2. Tick the box next to all types you want visible in your timeline. 

When using Narrative or Outline View, you must manually add items to these view-types. This means if an item is not visible, it is likely because you have not added it into these views yourself.

Using The Search Function 

If all else fails, the search function is the best way to find an item that may have become lost. Click the Search icon  in the Sidebar and type in the name of your item. Once you find successfully find and click on your item, it will select it in your open View, allowing you to locate the item.