How to find out the age of someone at a particular event

To view the age of someone at a particular event in your timeline, you need to first select the relevant event, and open the Inspector. 

Once you have the Inspector open, go to the 'Relationships' icon. Once you have this open, add a new relationship with a person. Once this relationship is created, below it, you should see an age. This is the age of the person at the time that this event takes places. 

In this example, we can see that Mr Ratchett is born "33 years, 5 days" before the start date of the event "MacQueen leaves Ratchett", meaning that Mr Rachett's age at the time of this event is 33 years and 5 days. 

Alternatively, you can also view the entire lifetime of a person in your timeline in the Inspector. This could assist in manually calculating a person's age at the time of a particular event. 

You can also use Opt + Shift (Mac) or Alt + Shift (Windows) and drag a line from one event to another. This will allow you to measure the distance between one event and another, allowing you to calculate the age.