How calendar markers replace bookmarks

Bookmarks were a feature in Aeon Timeline Version 2 that allowed you to save specific points in your timeline by saving the zoom level and the scroll position. Calendar markers have replaced Bookmarks in Aeon Timeline by allowing you to configure markers that appear at the top of your view.  

You can add calendar markers by going to the Sidebar and clicking on the Calendar Markers icon: 

You are then able to name, and configure this Calendar Marker in the Inspector.

Calendar markers allow you to mark something at the top of your timeline. You are able to configure the following:

  • Start, duration and end
  • Repetition
  • Colors and icons
  • Display just on header, or across entire timeline

To scroll to a particular point in time, follow these steps:

  1.  Click on the 'go to' icon next to the Calendar Marker: 
  2. Your timeline will then scroll the timeline to that point in time, allowing you to use Calendar Markers for navigation just like the old bookmark feature.