How to ensure people aren't over allocated

Why check for over-allocation

There are several reasons you may want to make sure someone isn't over-allocated:

  • In Project Management, you may want to avoid assigning a person to work on two tasks at once
  • In Legal Cases, you may want to verify someone's alibi or story, to ensure their version of the facts equates with other evidence
  • In Fiction, you may want to make sure you haven't inadvertently put your character in two places at once

How to visually check for over-allocation

To ensure that a person or character isn't in two places it once, follow these steps: 

  1. Open Timeline View
  2. Open the Person Entity List from the Sidebar (Desktop/Tablet) or Footer/Toolbar (Mobile)
  3. Click the filter icon next to a particular character. 
  4. This will filter the timeline to show only items associated with that particular person. You will now be looking for events that overlap one another.
  5. To make this easlier, change the timeline display to show "Marker only"
    • On Desktop, click on the Card Details icon on the far left of the toolbar, and choose "Marker Only"
    • On iOS, click on the View Settings icon in the Sidebar (tablet) or overfow menu in the toolbar (mobile), and then choose "Marker only" in the View Settings panel
  6. Similarly, change the timeline layout to be "Compact"
    • On Desktop, click on the Layout icon in the footer and choose "Compact"
    • On iOS, the Layout is found in View Settings, as per the previous step
  7. To then check other people, leave all previous settings in place, and click on the filter icon next to another person in the Person Entity List.