Advanced Settings

When you create a timeline, you select from a number of existing templates relevant to your industry:

  • Fiction templates will talk about Characters and Story Arcs
  • Project Management templates will talk about Tasks, Projects and Employees

Most users will be able to use these templates directly without modification, but there will be others who want to customize the templates further: including additional properties, relationships and item types that are important to their work.

This can be done in the Advanced Settings window.

Opening Advanced Settings Window

To access the Advanced Settings window, perform the following steps:

  1. Click on the Settings icon () in the Toolbar
  2. Click onto the Data Types tab
  3. Click on any of the Edit buttons alongside Item Types, Relationships, or Properties.

Editing the Timeline Template

For detailed information about each of the tabs in the Advanced Settings modal, please see the following articles:

Saving and re-using Templates

After you have edited the template, you may wish to save it as a Custom Template so that you can use it in future projects.

You can save your current timeline as a Custom Template by choosing Save As Template... from the File menu.