How To Add Events

To add events in Aeon Timeline follow these simple steps:

1. Open a new Aeon Timeline file. 

2. Click the + button in the Sidebar. This button allows you to add new items to your timeline. 

3. When you click this button, a popover menu will appear. Here, click 'Event'. 

4. A new event will then appear in your active view. 

5. You can now rename the event and adjust its dates and any other relevant information in the Inspector. 

In Spreadsheet View 

In Spreadsheet View you can also add an event by simply adding information in a new row. 

This empty row will appear below every new item that you add. 

Clicking on the Timeline 

When working in Timeline View you can also add items by double clicking on the timeline.

1. Double click on the spot on your timeline where you want the new event to appear

2. An empty item will then appear on your timeline. You can change the name of the item directly, or you can open the Inspector and change specific details there. 

In Narrative View 

In Narrative View, you can add new items to by clicking '+Add'. This button will appear in each existing narrative folder, and next to the final Narrative Folder.