Exporting text files

If you wish to transfer your timeline data to another application, you can export it as a text or CSV file which can be imported into other applications.

Steps to export a CSV file

  1. Open the timeline file you want to export
  2. Choose Export -> CSV/TSV... from the File menu
  3. Adjust the settings that will be used to export the file (see below)
  4. Click Export, and use the Save Dialog to choose where the file will be saved

Export Settings

The export modal window provides access to a range of options to configure your export:

These options are described in more detail below.

Option Description
Delimiter Choose whether to separate each value in a line of text with either comma or tab delimiters.
  • This value only affects the delimiter that separates columns. 
  • Internal delimiters (e.g. for multiple values within the one column) will always be commas.
Item Types Tick the checkbox next to each item type you wish to include in the exported file.
Selected Items Only When this is checked, only selected items will be included in the exported file.
When this is unchecked, all items will be included.