More Getting Started Tutorials and Content

Articles in our Help section are here to introduce key concepts and describe our User Interface in detail, but may be more geared towards answering practical questions about using our software.

If you are looking for more opinionated blog posts and tutorials on how best to get started using Aeon Timeline, there are two other places you can look:

Blog Posts

We have written some longer, more opinionated articles on how best to get started using Aeon Timeline in our blog, and will continue to add to these over time.

The best place to start is the blog posts we have tagged as Getting Started.

In-app Tutorials

The application comes with a number of in-built tutorials to guide you through the process of creating your first timeline and leading through to some more advanced features such as syncing and constraints management.

You can find these tutorials in the app by clicking on the Tutorial icon in the Toolbar, Sidebar, or Footer (depending on your platform).

These tutorials are designed to guide you through doing actual work. They work best if you take your time with each step to create real data that is directly useful and relevant to your project