Alternatives to web export

Version 2 included a "web export" option that allowed the user to export their timeline as an interactive website.

This option is not currently available in version 3.

Available Alternatives

Free Read-only App

In its place, we have decided to make Aeon Timeline available as a free download when used in a read-only mode.

If you wish to share your timeline with someone who does not have a license for Aeon Timeline, they will be able to download and install the app for free on their Mac, Windows or iOS device, and have the full Aeon Timeline experience (minus editing) as they view your timeline.

Image Export

If you wish to embed a timeline on your website, you can still export an image of your timeline and embed that into your website. 

This admittedly does not offer the same interactivity as the old web export, but it does have the benefit that it is widely supported.

Why is web export not available currently?

The short answer to this is time.

As version 3 has been completely redesigned and rewritten, the old web export is not compatible with the new version (and frankly, it is not at the standard we would want for the new version either).

Therefore, we would have had to implement a new web export for version 3. This would have added many months to our development schedule, which would have meant an even longer delay where users could not benefit from the vast improvements we have made in this new version.

Although web export is incredibly useful to some users, most users have not used it at all, and for those who have, the majority have been using it simply as a way to share a timeline file with one or two other people, and the free read-only app provides a better solution for those users.

Consequently, we felt it was the right decision to get Version 3 out for the majority of our users now, and plan to address the web export gap in a future update.

Will web export be coming back?

We certainly recognise the need and value for a web export function, and plan to introduce it again in the future.

There are many improvements we would plan to make for the web export in relation to functionality and convenience, and we will begin the process of planning for those soon.