Using Aeon Timeline in read-only mode

Aeon Timeline is available as a free download on Mac, Windows and iOS for anyone who wants to be able to view timeline files created by other users.

Free download

To download and use Aeon Timeline in read-only mode:

  1. Go to to download the app directly, or follow the links to get the App Store version
  2. Run Aeon Timeline, and when the My Account screen appears, click on the Switch to read only mode button towards the bottom of the screen
  3. To open a timeline file:
    1. On Desktop: In the Welcome Screen, click on Open and browse to find any timeline file on your computer.
    2. On iOS: open Aeon Timeline app, and locate the file on your device by navigating the File Browser.
  4. The timeline will be opened in read-only mode. You will still be able to:
    • change views
    • perform searches
    • apply filters
    • change view settings
    • select items to view additional details

    But you will not be able to edit the data or save any changes you make to the view layout.

Sharing timelines

To view someone's timeline, ask them to send you a copy of the file via email, dropdox, or any other file sharing technique.

You will need to save the timeline onto the computer or device with Aeon Timeline installed: on iOS, save it to iCloud Drive so it is accessible across all your devices.